The song that transports you back

Reading a book called Musicophilia currently. It’s intrigued me because the cover said the author also wrote a book called ‘The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat’ – which sounded more interesting than this book but ah well.

Anyway, I was on night shifts (again) slaving away as usual when I heard a song from a radio that’s been switched on in the milk room (so-called because that’s where they store bottle and mummy’s expressed breast milk). Don’t ask me why the radio is switched on there, it’s not like anyone goes there much in the night. Listening to the song suddenly made me happy, even though I couldn’t familiarise with the song at first. And then it clicked to me that it’s the ‘Marry Me’ song.

Our photographer put (quite a few) photos into CD and I surprised M with it during the malam ambil2an time with the song in the background. Rather uncreatively, I knew of the song from this video:

The video above made me sniff a bit and attaching it to memories of our wedding, it’s a special song. You know how certain songs brings you back to a certain person, a certain smell, a certain memory. That with one song, you can be all melancholy, transporting you to another place and reminds you of that time. Do you have any songs that brings you back?

It’s been 6 months since we got married. M’s friend said that the first year will be the honeymoon period and after that…. (he sighs or is it grumbles) On the other hand, I’ve been told by my bosses that working all the time and being apart is good for us – it is apparently the secret to harmony bliss (they all looked serious when they told me this).

Anyway, I would show you our wedding video but malu and I can’t find it! hehehe. So I’ll just give you a pic.

Other ramblings:
1. We might buy a new car! I will miss you, Neville (my car) but I think it’s about time!

2. We’ve got our annual leave booked, HURRAH HURRAH! 12 days – it’s better than nothing! Bali or Thailand? I’m very very very tempted to go to Malaysia saja because then I can see my (self proclaimed) goddaughter! (yes Zimah I’m talking about your soon-coming-out child)

3. We’ve also got bank holidays coming up. Time for a roadtrip/hiking trip me thinks. Any ideas where?



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2 responses to “The song that transports you back

  1. amazin

    of u’ll be the godmother!!! ( i was tempted to name her hafizah, but think it’ll be too weird :S – what if she turnes out to be small and shrieky like u? )(lol- joking joking..)
    Buying a new car? what make? i am buying one too (after labour- it’ll be special gift for me!). but since the malaysian tax for improted good quality cars are like 200% or sth stupidly ridiculous like that.. i might have to resort to a small and cost efficient ones šŸ˜¦ sob sob..
    COMELAH to malaysia!!!! just for 1 day pun ok šŸ˜€ u can do ur share of shopping for the year (baju raya kain raya siap2 ;)) and eat all the zinger burgers and KFCs at a cheaper price than in brunei!
    p/s: love ur pic above. u guys looks soo lovey dovey. šŸ˜‰

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