Come dine with me – triple times

Mumtathil and I did a brave (or stupid – depends how you see it) thing yesterday. We hosted a much much delayed housewarming yesterday. But wait, you haven’t heard all of the story. We both just finished a set of nights the night before. And were still sleep deprived come saturday morning.

Woke up at 9 am despite the beckoning of my lovely bed but couldnt sleep – need to cook and make the dessert and clean the house. Eeks!

Anyway we plodded on and it was fun at first, until we realise we were running out of time. And then it just became tad bit stressful. It’s a bit like going on a roadtrip around the world and there’s the two of you having an adventure – Cooking a meal for many, like an extended roadtrip, is a test of how well you work together!

I had a meltdown too – Has anyone seen Julie/Julia the movie? Where Julie (or was it Julia?) had a meltdown on her kitchen floor, sobbing as she splattered around on the floor as her french cuisine was a disaster. Well, I wanted to make ayam panggang and whilst it tasted nice, it WASNT the ayam panggang I wanted. So, I marched (stomped) to the sofa, had the pillows on top of me and then had sobbing meltfest ‘I caaaantttt cooooook!’. M must have felt – what? How? Why? – shrugged his shoulders (and prob thinking ‘women! why bother reasoning?) and then proceeded to comfort me.

So the eventual menu was:
Nasi ayam (basically just nasi cooked with chicken broth)
Grilled chicken – one batch with honey and lemon, one batch with five spices
Chicken with coconut cream and chilli (so called ayam panggang Indon style)
Pad Thai – one supposedly vegetarian (tapi ada fish sauce OOPS!) and one with shrimps in
And a whole loada chocolate cupcakes – one batch with mascarpone cheese frosting and one with cream cheese

We made the first two guests help us set up though hehe, and Cally helped put the frosting on top of the cupcakes 😛

Dont have pics though! Kinda too tired and lazy to take pics. Thanks to Fifi and Fatin for bringing Fifi’s xbox and guitar hero. Found out who was the talented few and who really liked to jam. Cally’s bf, Joe, who’s usually quiet, blasted his voice out LOL

Well, hope people had fun or at least well fed!

The best thing is – we have MORE presents! Hehehehe. Have a fork, knife, spoon set from Michelle. A pot of roses from Airil. A pot of purple orchid from Sarah. And more chocolates/cookie! If I knew this, I would have organised a housewarming earlier heheh joke, joke. Thanks for the gifts!!

Here’s some pics of the morning after. M convinced me to clean up that night jua and so we pressed on till 1 pm and have all the things cleared. And the result? A pretty nice place.

Our open plan living room/kitchen seems bigger without the sofa as partition. Wish I had a before picture to demonstrate but am not as efficient as that!

Breakfast morning after.

LOVE fresh flowers!

From the kitchen

Ok, I need to shower now. Kul 1 sudah. Dulu2 my mum would say ‘Anak dara ani! Balum mandi!’ with the sort of hidden message of ‘It’s afternoon already and you haven’t had a shower!! what chances are there of you getting married if you’re gonna carry on like this??’. See Ma, even now when married, I’m still having late showers and it’s ok 😛

Reminds me – Happy Mother’s Day! Need to call Mama soon.

Love, me

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