Delivering a baby in the toilet

Thank God not in real life!

Today I did the NLS course as I mentioned in last post. The whole point is for health professionals be able to get a newborn baby back breathing and pumping his (or her) heart if he was born lacking of oxygen for whatever reason.

I dread these kinda courses cos you have to act out in simulated scenarios in front of everyone. Each one of us are expected to be the team leader, take charge basically and give out instructions.
They test you thinking on your feet and as today proved, the
scenarios had a few curveballs that we didnt expect. And you see,
aku malu bah. Hehe.

So my scenario was this:

I’m clerking in A&E, happened to be walking by (of course) and
heard some noises in the toilet. I found a woman on the toilet seat giving birth in the toilet and her baby’s out and in the toilet bowl.

My friend led the same scenario in another room and she said she took the baby away whilst still being hooked to placenta. Needless to say, mum was screamin in pain with this! LOL,

To cut a long story short, there was a lot of adrenaline pumping, some hectic scene initially as there were too many helpers and none of them even brought the resuscitation trolley! It ended with chest compressions and the baby came back to life * claps hands mcm dalam cerita Hollywood*

In reality, we usually encounter resuscitation in labour ward where we have everything handy. And chest compressions in newborns are rare. But it was fun, in a stressful at the time but fun in retrospect way.

The point is I passed despite having only 4 hours of sleep night before!

Taken from
Intubating a newborn



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3 responses to “Delivering a baby in the toilet

  1. nazimah aka amazin

    ooi. your scenario is giving me the creeps! labour in the toilet! huaaa!

    • LOL I laugh now but m sure it’d give me the creeps too if m in your shoes! (the nightmare!) but hey lets hope msian drs have scenario teaching like that too and know what to do kalau that happens!

    • Please also note…. if that ever happens to anyone, clamp the cord first before taking baby away! My friend did the scenario and took the baby before cord was clamped and left mum screaming hahahaha (really it was the consultant acting as mum screaming haha!).

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