What I’ve been doing these days

Mostly work.

But in between work, sleep and eat,

M and I have managed to:

Play with octopus

Ok, cooked it with this recipe (but we played with it first)

Eat octopus

Had a go at steamboat with tom yam soup

Official verdict:
Octopus is yummy actually. Chewy but still soft. Hee, I can’t do food reviews. The recipe was top notch jua! (M cooked it though, I was just the sous chef so I can’t take much credit for it)

And today we had some waking hours together, so we went for lunch out at Las Iguanas. Loving their new menu!!
And the lamb there is halal now! WHEEE! Officially one of my favourite restaurants now.

And then had quick coffee after venturing at the market.

We were walking around St Martin Square as I wanted to go to venture at this shop selling various kitchen/baking appliances. We could have a field day there! Cook/baking geek much are we? But they have so many cool stuff there.
And there was one that amused me:

You know what should be invented? Something like astronaut head cover and suit to avoid hot oil spraying when frying things! My major hate during cooking. (I think it’s cos I have short arms, so I can’t extend my face too far)

Anyway, so we were walking around, the sun was out, the flowers were blooming on the trees, holding my husband’s hand and I had this huge grin on my face. I went all ‘Isn’t this beautiful? Isn’t this picturesque?’. I felt like I was finally able to go out and enjoy just strolling and mostly, doing it with my husband (he’s been working 3 weekends in a row, boring!)

And I found this haberdashery shop too. And went on a field trip there! *Squeals*

Ok, so now to ACTUALLY find the time to bake and sew. I think I should have a timeline. To sew a bag in a certain amount of time. Hmm, must think about this first!

Lotsa love, me

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