TGIF? No :( Domestic goddess? Yes please.

Cannot say TGIF today because…. still working another 2 days and its the weekend as neonatal SHO – officially worst place to be in the hospital (working lone ranger doing ward round and jobs in neonatal ward, babychecks in postnatal and saving babies in labour ward – and you’ll be lucky if theres no new admissions from the community). What sucks most is that you’re doing it alone – no one to talk to or just have random comments here and there. Just busy, busy, busy cracking on with jobs.

Anyway work aside (when else do I not complain re. work?) –

I’ve decided to bake a cake. At 10 pm. Today.

I just have to ok, have to.

There’s this desire to bake a cake since last weekend but I never got round to it. So I thought, I’ll do it tonight and try to combat my depression (long never-ending, not satisfying, feel crap at work today).

In the end, I made Red velvet cake – I used ‘merah jambu’ colouring instead. It looks more red than pink though somehow – I like! I would take a picture of it but I’m too lazy.

Have I mentioned that I love Martha Stewart? I love her website, her creations, her recipes. Ok so I’ve only tried her recipes twice (red velvet cake above included) but still the pics of her desserts makes my mouth water and make me want to go and bake there and then. And what fun times I had pouring page after page of her wedding website – so preeettyyyyyy. *dreams back to the time of planning wedding* Stress tapi siuk jua.

Tapi now M has told me that she’s a convicted felony (words from this news article). She went to jail for a year for crime relating to her company shares. I dont speak shares/broker language so dont really understand. The image of her being this domestic goddess fell for a moment there but who cares! She did her term, bounced back and still doing quite well! Now that’s what I call determination.

I wanna be a domestic goddess too! Erm, minus the cleaning bit.

Love, me

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