From your kind hearts

In case you guys haven’t had the chance to read my posts below, I talked about a church & enjoined building (that they were going to build to be a community centre and mosque respectively) belonging to JIMAS being burnt recently ? last week. And it was quite sad and my heart goes to JIMAS. They’ve put up a website where you can donate to your heart’s contents 🙂
Click here to know more and donate Insyallah your good deeds will be paid in more ways than we can imagine. And if you spread the word and people donate more, insyaAllah the more rewards will be given to you.

And if you’re unable to donate, go to this website where they’re trying to win 5k to help with developing the community centre/mosque and help them win! All you do is just vote for them! It takes less than a minute of your time! click here to vote!

That aside, a few updates from me:

1. Working the whole week but trying not to think too much about it. After all, it’s only mid-week wednesday! *groans*

2. Realise I haven’t qadha puasa – repaid my fast – erks! Summer soon, better get going!

3. I’ve bought octopus in my recent grocery shopping (doncha just LOVE grocery shopping??). Following being Junior Masterchef devotee, I’ve opened up my comfort zone and trying new recipes. And now… octopus! M and I will be off after 5 pm today and so, we can cook to our hearts content. (We figure if the kids can do it. we can cook great dishes too!)

4. My phone is back working – wahey! (It wasn’t working for FIVE days, how did I survive??)

5. Going to have NLS (neonatal life support) course next week where we’re going to spend 8 hours learning how we’re going to save a baby’s life in an emergency situation. I dread these things because you have to act in a simulated situation. Macam pretend shout to other people, be bossy. Nyeh. Plus I actually have to read up the manual (24 chapters!) before entering as they’ll be assessments in the end. Double nyeh!

Anyway all is well. Babies are cute (working in special care baby unit currently) – do you think if I steal a baby out they’ll realise? This one baby has poofy blonde/brown hair – CUTE!

Ok gtg… must sleep early. Work in 5 hours.

INCREASE your good deeds – donate and/or vote! 🙂
Love, me

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