Idiot Abroad

An Idiot Abroad. Karl Pilikington is just too funny. His matter of fact way of saying stuff. His poker face. He’s funny without even trying.

The one where he had to eat toad for lunch

And have a traditional chinese massage

Toilets in china. Ooo err.

“I didn’t think China would be like this. I thought it was gonna be more…. I thought this is where they made the ipod. I think I’ve got the wrong place. This ain’t the place where they need an ipod… have a toilet roll first.”

The things he comes up with. Honest to the max. And things you never think of or could even occur to you to think like that. I love how his bosses (producers?) makes him do absurd things and laugh at the things he has to do. And you know that they’re the ones behind the toad lunch!

Anyway I have no writing mojo today. So thought I’d share what made me laugh today. What also made me smile today is spending time (after soo long) with my friends and finally getting a sewing machine! (Her name is Emma. Initially it was Sofya but Sofya doesnt sound sturdy enough. My sewing machine needs to be sturdy and reliable. Emma sounds sturdy but yet still feminine.)

Love, me xx

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