Come on Friday!

Oh my, the week seems to be dragging on and on for me. Tired initially recovering from my ahem illness. My appetite grew back  and nausea has abated though, which is really really good, cos I was at a whopping 41 kg by the end of last week. 41 kg! I haven’t weighed that low since high school!

In a bid to grow some weight back (my hips hurt just on a little knock, not enough fat pads!), I’ve eaten readily and I’m so hungry all the time now too. Alhamdulillah, my lovely husband has been ever so good. I came back home late today (after 7 pm *sad face*) and he’s in the middle of cooking roasted chicken and some broccoli. NYUM! THANK YOU SO MUCH SAYANG!

Work has been busy too. I’ve forgotten how torturously busy work can be, and now it feels like I’m thrown into it rather unwillingly. But all is not grim. Today this very cute 8 year old girl patient of mine came over and handed me her painting – “This is for you”. Aww!!! Never had a personal gift from a patient, so that was quite heartwarming. Hugged her, so cute.

But I can’t wait for tomorrow and say TGIF!!! Need to put my feet up. Sadly M will be working this weekend, so I’m just gonna be bored really with my asocial life. Oooh oooh, but but….

I am almost determined to buy…… a sewing machine! *big grin* Is it too sewing geeky? I feel ancient contemplating this as my sewing-machine experience is from Mama who had (has?) this classic Singer sewing machine complete with the foldable table that goes with it. Anyway, I bought some sewing books from Amazon and I’ll decide more after reading it – got a note from Royal Mail today, so I’ll be picking up my books tomorrow! WHEE!

Aight, that’s enough rambling. M is trying to find me a Japanese/Korean movie in his collection that fits my strict criteria of: funny, romantic and feel-good ending. Unfortunately he’s more of a serious-romantic-drama where the girl dies in the end or the hero and heroine have to separate for some reason or other kind. Anyone have any suggestions of funny-rom-feel-good Japanese/Korea movie?

Love , me




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