Sun, I love you

The sun has come ouuuuutttttttt *singing in Annie’s voice* todaaaaay!

(and also the last few days but i’ve been unwell, so it doesnt count. Looking out at the blue skies and sunny outdoors is awful when you’re sick)

When the sun is shining, like the rest of England, you just wanna clap your hands, sing, dance and happily do your work. Work just feels better when the sun is out! It matters only a little that it’s still cold, at least the clouds aint grey!

When the sun is shining….

I can wear my sunnies!

I can lounge outside!

Everything just looks so much nicer! (and I’m – if you don’t feel it already – happier!)

Even when the sun sets, it’s nicer! (I have a certain sadness when the sun sets everyday, but I don’t mind it so much in the summer, weird?)

All in all, I’m just a summer/tropical person at heart, craving for the sun and blue skies when it’s cold and grey here.


Is it too early to be excited for summer?


Maybe I should emigrate to Australia?

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