Playing with sewing machine

Guess what I did today?

Firstly, no poo out from moi at all – oversharing? Well, it’s a triumph by itself, so I cant help and share my celebration. No abdominal cramps too, alhamdulillah.

Secondly, I’ve passed my DVIRP assessment today. Wowee, I’ve joined the world of domestic violence helpline volunteers today! Excited and a bit nervous to start my very first call!

And thirdly, as my tummy didnt hurt me, I went on the day to Beginners Sewing course. I have never ever used a sewing machine before. My hand sewing skills is very basic at the most (shh, I cant finish sewing…So at the end of sewing, there’s a weird looking knot in the end whenever I shorten my trousers).

First you cut your fabrics using templates. To which I remember I’m crap at cutting! And I’m crap at making sure I follow very detailed measurements – must learn to be precise!

I love the sound of sewing machines. And the satisfaction of zipping your fabric across the machine and making a stitch – zigzag stitch, straight stitch. It was fun and interesting but tiring too. Still lethargic from my ahem illness, I was glad it was mostly a sitting down business. But I needed to focus and make sure I follow the instructions properly and I was lagging behind too as I didnt have my own sewing machine (came late :s ).

And after 6 hours of gruelling work (including a delicious lunch provided of smoked salmon sandwich, coffee and walnut cake and crisps – didnt eat more than a few bites but I enjoyed those few bites!) …. Ta-Da!

I’m estatic now with the world of possibilities. I’ve always always dreamt of making my own bags – sometimes I look around shops and the bag inside my head never seems to appear. Not that I can make leather bags or anything but this just makes me feel like I can make ANYTHING! My own dresses, bags!

M showing what you can do with the bag too :s

So, is it worth buying a sewing machine? We’ll see! Isn’t there a place where you can hire a sewing machine? Or you know, pop in and borrow for an hour or two?

Anyway, if I make these kinda bags, how much would you pay for it?

Lotsa love, me



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3 responses to “Playing with sewing machine

  1. Hey there – that is some seriously cool fabric – do you know what the range/designer is? Anyhoo, if you love making bags, check out these:
    Lisa Lam is the global queen of bag making AND she’s a cool dude!
    Lisa’s book – essential for anyone who wants to sew their own bags – lots of great tips, techniques and projects, for all abilities.

    Hope that helps – enjoy! Jen x

    • oh wow, thats awesome stuff from the website, thanks!! It makes me want to make more bags wowee~ The fabrics are *surprise surprise* Amy Butler’s range. Got it along with the course I did under John Lewis haberdashery department. Thanks muchas for the links, having fun just reading them! Hafizah x

  2. Of course – it’s Amy Butler Soul Blossoms (I might be kicked out the fan club for not immediately recognizing it!). The course sounds fun – must look into those. Have fun with the bag making – I think it’s safe to say that you are gonna be addicted now! Jen x

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