Patience in the face of calamity

I know I haven’t written for the last few days, but I’m still having diarrhoea making this my longest sick leave ever and how I feel so guilty about it. You’d think I’d revel in some time off work guilt-free (when you’re sick, you’re sick right?) but part of me do feel ok – as in I can still function – except for the times when I have to keep going to the toilet and having abdo cramps/fever. It’s been 5 days now….what if I have diarrhoea… forever? (ok drama queen much, but I really am getting sick of this)

Basically I’m bored and wanting my normal life back.

I have so much to write too (after all, when you’re lying down a lot, you tend to have lots of thoughts) but can’t have the actual energy to pen it down.

There are more pressing matters though – Firstly let me announce JIMAS conference is happening soon-ish (it will come sooner than we think!) on the Easter weekend. I went to it last year and it was a-ma-zing. JIMAS is a UK charity organisation that has many projects under its wing – mainly raising money for those in need, raising awareness about Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims around UK amongst many. One of their recent project is project for the homelesss – handing out winter warmer essentials to the homeless in Ipswich. What I love most about their work is how open they are and non-sectarian.

The JIMAS conference last year had a thousand plus people with all sorts of backgrounds and they all came together to learn. And the talks were very uplifting, very motivating. Last year talked about how to heal the heart, how to deal after doing sins (as no one is perfect), to turn to Allah more and to learn about how forgiving Allah is no matter how much sins we’ve made.

It was so different to what I’ve heard before. Growing up, there’s a lot of ‘DO NOT’, ‘CANNOT’, ‘SHOULD NOT’, ‘HARAM’, ‘BEDOSA’ by religious teachers, books we’re made to read, radio showss, religious tv programmes. And as much truth as are in it, it’s very stifling. It’s meant to make me quiver in my flip flops and stay in the straight path. But I think Islam is so much more beautiful than that.

We’re taught
to show little acts of kindness,
to forgive,
to be patient,
to be clean,
to treat our neighbours like we would treat ourselves,
to give to charity,
to treat our parents well,
to give and protect the orphans,
to face adversity with grace and patience,
to spread peace amongst ourselves.

And I think when there’s more of talk of CANNOT and SHOULD NOT, we put aside the positive things that Islam advocates. And whilst we (rightly) put fear in our hearts (fear of being accountable, of Hereafter, of God), we don’t instill the love that I believe the Prophet S.A.W had greatly done – love for God, love for Islam, love for mankind.

Anyway I’m digressing. My point is: the Jimas Conference will be a great one, even if you can only make it for a day, come for a day. The atmosphere of having a thousand plus Muslims learning, praying, eating together is already an amazing feeling. Last year, I met a thai lady who’s been going for the last few years and 2 kazakhstan girls who was a first-timer like me (‘You look like Kazakh!’ they said to me).

The next thing I want to talk about is how much I feel for Jimas’s recent loss. They have bought a church in Ipswich and was going to reconstruct (it was abandoned for a few years) it to make it into a community centre for Muslims and Non-muslims. Which is a great way to pull everyone together. And adjoining the church was another building that was going to become a mosque. So JIMAS have collected donations for the last 2 decades to buy this place, but unfortunately, it was burnt down 2 days ago. If there is somewhere in you, my readers, either to help JIMAS in this financial loss, to help rebuild it, give a hand to them. And if you’re unable to do so, make dua for the JIMAS team for strength and courage to get through this.

Click on the link for news re the fire: Fire at St Michael’s Church

Alright, that’s it from me,
Duakan please that I’ll get better really really soon!

Love, me

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