All tangled up

The following is written by my best friend about our travel days in 2nd year. We went on Kelana Convoy – which is this biannual trip organised by this Msian company (more like a two-man company) tour around Europe. We went to 5 different countries via coach for 9 days. It was from UK to Amsterdam to Brussels to Luxemburg to Switzerland to Paris (perhaps not in that order, I dont remember bah). It was epic.

Visiting Switzerland was always my dream and two years ago, it came true! My friends and I went on a skiing trip to Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps — though none of us knew how to ski.

We booked ourselves two hours of beginner’s lessons. The trainer was VERY good-looking and helpful, but we just wanted to have fun and weren’t there to prepare for the Winter Olympics. Hence, between giggles, snowball fights and winking at the trainer, we only managed to learn a tiny bit.

After the lesson ended, we tried to ski like the pros in order to impress the good-looking trainer. F (my best friend) and I decided to demonstrate our “skills” by skiing down the slope at high speed, only to end up a tangled mess in front of the trainer!

He laughed very hard and so did we. It was very hard to untangle ourselves because of the ski boots.

In the midst of the chaos, F whispered: “I really, really, really need to pee.” And she was saying this whilst on top of me!

After hearing THAT, quick as lightning, I managed to scramble out from under her.

Everyone asked me how I managed to suddenly untangle myself so quickly after all the struggling, but that remained our secret — until today, that is.

Nazimah Abdul Mumin

She wrote for this newspaper feature and won article of the week – over my expense. I reckon she should have used the weekend getaway resort with me 😛

Ahh fond memories.


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2 responses to “All tangled up

  1. amazin

    lol. I thot of dragging u to PD w/ me, however, its impossible with u being in the UK and all :P. I’ll enter another competition that will win us a trip somewhere in between europe and asia (?africa?).

    very very fond memories indeed..

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