A normal life, my bionic mama and sewing

Still living and kicking, though coughing up and having lots of snot (eww I know).  And still doing nights.

The other night, missing out on the Paeds party (organised for drs & nurses), I felt a moment of – I wish I work a 9 to 5 job. And therefore have the time after work to relax with my husband and hang out with my friends. Oh, can those around me have 9 to 5 jobs too? Because working out when to see each other is a big puzzle all the time. I do miss having a life where I’m asleep when everyone else is and not working when everyone else isn’t!

Yesterday, one of the nurses freaked me out. His idea of humor equals finding ways and jibes to annoy me. He likes to look out for little jobs I can do, hence keeping me busy. He’s alright really, and I know he’s joking. But yesterday, I felt so tired and sleepy with a throbbing headache, snotty nose and tickling cough. And he kept saying that he’ll call me/wake me up every hour to get me ready for having babies. ‘You wont be sleeping much once you have kids!’ And that freaked me out. Because I couldn’t take care of myself right then, and indeed if I have a baby, that’s it…all energy levels gone! Or maybe mums have some inbuilt strength that makes them go through sickness and STILL able to take care of their kids?

How did my mum do it?? I can remember times that can be counted with only one hand when she didnt have meal on the table and couldnt attend to us. And she was working full time. As a nurse. (By default that means a lot of patience and energy taken away during work already)  Looking back, I am amazed with how Mama can do it all. (ok, so we have a maid… but Mama always does the cooking,  ironing and does laundry! And there’s always breakfast, lunch and dinner on the table!)

On the note of mums, I have always been more of a daddy’s girl. But in the last few years, I’ve gotten closer to Mama. And much as I hate to admit it, but I think I’m beginning to follow after her. She’s a much more amazing cook and baker than me. She bakes for perfection, following every single detail on the recipe. Whereas I like to *ahem* be creative (and be lazy – sifting flour? PAH! too lazy!). But I’m more interested in being in the kitchen and can understand why she spends so much time in there. And now…I’d like to learn to sew as well.

This urge to learn to sew is due to a trip into John lewis’s cloth/knitting/sewing material area. There is just something about seeing rows of cloths and cotton thread that excites me. The colours, the softness. Sigh. (The same feeling goes to going to a stationery shop and seeing pens and notebooks… no? Nobody else has this peculiar affinity?).

It’s not that I can’t sew. At the age of 7, my then ‘Kaka’ aka maid sat me down and taught me how to use a needle and thread and voila, I can just about sew buttons and shorten the length of my trousers. Now, I wanna learn how to use a sewing machine. Mama used to have this Singer (Singer!! such an old brand) sewing machine and it all looks fascinating. Imagine being able to make your own dress or shirt. I’ll have a field day. Hmm, am I watching too much Project Runaway??

Aight, time to get some rest.

Love, me

*correction: She has her malas mode sometimes which is reasonable. And so we turn to KFC or Express. which I never complain! Hee.

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