That’s how I feel at the moment. When I said to M that I think I look mingin’ too, he took one look at me and said ‘No comment…’


The good thing is that M and I are off today. And thankfully, I only started to cough on the flight from Malta to London (it also started to rain when we were about to take off – hurrah! Missed the rainy weather!). ¬†Started to sniffle badly at end of shift yesterday. This patient’s mum looked quite worried, saying I should go home soon. Somehow I think she’s more concerned of me sneezing at her child (who looks quite bright, happy and seemingly looking less sick than me).

So now I’m just recuperating. Could it be possible that work could actually physically make you sick?? Or the thought of work even? (My symptoms started suspiciously at the end of our holiday)

Anyway I am a spluttering, snotty mess. Tadi I sneezed AND coughed up mucus at the same time. It was disgusting. I wished M wasn’t there to witness it. I am thankful though that he’s around… cos now he’s making me sup ayam. I also mentioned *in very small voice* …. Mama makes ayam goreng whenever she makes sup ayam. He gave me a long stare – apparently for a sick person, I’ve got a good appetite (isnt that goood?).

So… this is not just a post for me to wallow in my snotty sick mess, but it’s also a post about how patient my husband is, especially in recent times. (having sleepless nights as I toss and turn and hack away, bringing me lemsip and tissue paper that keeps running out, and now making me my comfort meal) Thank yooooooou sooooo much sayang! (This is bordering on sickly mushiness, but I must write this – he deserves the acknowledgement)

Ok, end now. Sakit kepala. If this post doesnt make sense, it’s cos my head is swimming full of cotton wool.


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