First time blogging via iPhone, so excuse me if the pics above looks distorted/not in order. I can’t read HTML!

First pic: Inland sea, Gozo. Its pretty hidden away and we thought we were the only ones there. To our dismay, there’s a guy in the corner showing off his untanned butt to us! Eeks!

Second pic: The famed Azure window. Lawa kan?

Third pic: Marsaxxlokk, a fishing village in Malta. I wanted to go there for a promise of a seafood meal and also I liked the name of the place. Like a trendy city instead of a sleepy (but pretty) town that smelled of fish and the sea.

Boarding in 1 hr back to England where it is reportedly raining heaps and snowing in the north (overheard conversation in hotel lift).

This is what I think (and love) of Malta: its coast!! Albeit slightly cold, it was pretty nice to drive by the coast (like really, it was touching distance) and hear the sound of the sea when you open the hotel balcony.

The best thing of all in this trip is driving around the island. With just a flimsy map (the size of A1 paper), we traipsed around the towns of Malta from one end to the other and even went on a ferry to another (smaller) island!

Ok just testing this wordpress app and hoping it works!

Love me

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