The most wonderful small island in the world

Daytripped to Gozo today. We thought Malta was kampung but this place takes the cake. We hopped on the ferry this morning under grey skies and landed on Gozo half an hour later. By now the sun had come out and we set off in search of picturesque locations.

Gozo is so small, we reached the capital Victoria (which had Monsoon/Accessorize so we can’t say the Gozitans can’t shop) in less than 10 minutes. Even laughable, we reached the other end of the island in another 20 minutes.

So we were wandering around this sleepy
Village (as had been promised the prettiest village on the entire island by the guide book) and we caught a glimpse of the sea overlooked by cliffs. Accompanied by a sharp intake of breath, we reversed the car, squeezed between two houses and found ourselves in a dead end …. Not to be put off, we wandered down the path towards a house that could easily be featured in A Place In The Sun (I imagine wide spaces, balcony, and possibly even a swimming pool in there). It was flanked by fields full of
rows of greenery. In the middle of it wad this old
man that we didn’t even notice the first time. We guessed he was the owner but turns out he was this old (sweet) man sowing peas (also sweet). He asked if we were Asians and when Fiz said she’s from Brunei, he responded with a knowing smile and faraway look. ‘Aaah Bruneeiii… That is near emirates?’ He then explained that the house belongs ‘to an Englishman’ but we were free to
wander around as we pleased.

Next in search was the famed Azure window, a natural archway in the coastal rock (so amazing, would post pics but cant yet). On the way down, we decided to offer a lift to a German elderly couple. The husband obviously can’t speak English because all he said was ‘Ja! Ja! Ja!’. They also failed to appreciate the
Taxi joke at the end when I asked for 3 euros.

(May i point out that when we came across a road sign that said the road to Azure window is being restricted and we weren’t sure if we could go on…M had this look of pure disappointment, like a boy being taken away his new toy before it was even handed out to him. Kesian! Turns out what we can use the road after all!)

Azure window looking as majestically amazing (even more than te guidebook pictured it), we set off back being fully contented…. Until a group of French families waved us down and asked if they could sling their kids in the back of the car for the ride up. (they had 20 mins to catch their tour bus) we couldn’t refuse and so 7 kids and 1 adult woman crammed their way into the back. (the kids were pretty excitable and cute – they practised saying thank you in English all the way up)

…… Ok that’s M penning his thoughts, with me adding a few stuff because well, I can never shut up completely. We’re both knackered after a day of wandering around Malta. So bonswa, people (that’s good evening in Maltese… And in french. The maltese are confused people).

Love, us

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