Free wi-fi from Malta

Day 1 fron Malta.

Got lost from airport to hotel – almost went to north end of the country (we rented a car).

Got a twin room instead of double with crap sea view! (pool view instead)

And our car’s battery went flat this afternoon before we even managed to go anywhere!

But it’s ok. M was ever so patient (I was less so). Our car got fixed, the hotel is the poshest I’ve stayed in (excluding empire) and we got our double room now. Plus we had the most awesome garlic butter grilled prawn – it was M’s but I kept asking and giving green eyed envious looks at his prawns.

And now we have discovered a garden/ park near the coastline (everything is near the coastline here) and there’s free wi-fi! No wonder we saw a lot of people sitting around this part of the garden – in the

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