If I have the time…

Was talking (and by that I mean, ‘whatsapp-ing’) with a friend the other day and he was saying how he’s unemployed currently. Know a few friends who are currently unemployed or just gotten a job. I wish I knew how it feels like. Not the I’m-broke part. But just having the time… the TIME.

If I was unemployed and have, say a month or two of menalur (or as the saying goes memutik anggur/menganggur), I would love to:

1. Go travelling around Indo-China

I’ll use the Orient Express that travels around Indo-China.

Taken from the website – “Winding through some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic landscapes, it voyages through Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, and on into Laos. Mountains, forests, fascinating towns and golden temples create a rich tapestry of life along the way.”

It’d be a good way of travelling around the country, not just shopping at the cities, but getting to look deeper into the towns and villages, meeting the people and seeing nature (or not, they could be dumps along the way).

I used the overnight train once from Barcelona to Granada, and though it was cramped inside (4 bunk beds, barely space to sembahyang), whizzing past the mountain as a backdrop, eating the chocolate croissant in the morning whilst the sun rises over the mountain was amazing, a definite once-in-a-lifetime moment. So yes, I’m a fan of overnight trains now.

*Interruption* M said that technically in this hypothetical picture, I am unemployed, therefore have no money to travel. And I cannot touch my savings. Or ask money from parents. 😦 😦

(I would have scrapped off my savings if I had the opportunity to travel a once-in-a-lifetime trips! When else can you backpack around IndoChina?)

2. Learn a language

…. like arabic. Went to Arabic classes 2 years ago, but due to work, came about 30 mins-1 hour late. It went to a point of embarassing late, so I had to drop out. This year, with my rota and commuting, don’t think I can sign up for classes. So if I have the time, I would immerse myself and learn a new language.

3. Bake all day long

Maybe not all day long. But certainly more than I am at the moment. Because I have the time, I’ll perfect the making of …. well, whatever I’m making. And I can take my time, so I don’t have to rush. Ohh what bliss. My cakes would be amazing that people would be scrounging to pay for it and then that solves the problem of me being unemployed! Haah!

4. Involve myself in some sort of charity work

Tons of opportunities in UK if you look for it.
Even in Bru, if you so will, you’ll find a way.
Sell of your unwanted/barely-used items in a garage sale.
Find innovative ways to raise money.
And open your eyes. The rest of the world needs your help too.

My favourite organisations: Mercy Malaysia, Islamic relief, Central Asia Institute, Kantha Bopha hospital in Cambodia (the last of which requires a post of its own).

Enough rambling.

Talk soon.

Love, me

ps. Mama has been going to classes in this govt high school (or primary school?). Apparently they hold classes to public for cooking. So Mama goes now and again. That sounds interesting. Would have joined if I can!

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