A long, long night shift


Only 2 more hours before handing over this wretched bleep. Or to be more specific, 1 hour and 43 mins.

Have been non-stop clerking since started working. Total patients seen (so far): 8. Total patients discharged: 3. Sorry team, I tried to discharge as many but lo and behold, there’re actually unwell kids out there.

Anyway the fact that I can blog is actually quite good. I’m supposed to review 2 patients and send them home (if they’re well) before 9 am but they (and parents) are all fast asleep. I look at them at the end of bed (macam stalker) and wish I can be asleep on my bed too. Tempted to wake them up but apparently the children have not had good sleep the last few days, so am feeling nice and let them have some zzz time before I make them cry again.

Yesterday I fell asleep at 6 am, slept for 1 1/2 hour and woke up in a state of panic ‘omigad, is it 9 already???’ Leapt out of bed and rushed to the ward all red eyed and shaking. Have you ever woken up in such a state? It’s not nice. The last time I was like that – I was asleep in the oncall room and had a crash call bleep (crash call = must run as fast as you can because the patient is either dying, near dying or will die if you dont come now). I leapt out of the bed, very blurry eyed and feeling like legs have gone dead and jelly, but must run anyway. Started running to where the crash call is at – only realising after several metres that the call was to Labour ward and was intended for a different doctor. Grrr.

I’m hungry but am too tired to even eat. Does that make sense?

Work aside…

1) 3 more days to MALTAAAA!
2) …which reminds me, we need to book a car to use there. And borrow lonely Planet for Malta from library.
3) We used our amazon voucher (also wedding gift not used yet) yesterday to buy some books. Am well, well excited. Book geek!
4) Had dream of spending my days leisurely baking scrumptious cupcakes and cakes full of cream and chocolate, with nice bubblegum-coloured wrappers, all day long…..
Instead reality is am too tired and sleep deprived most of the time, with waking hours running around headless chicken in ward/being clerking machine.

Do I like my job?

*pregnant pause* (I love that phrase)

Weirdly enough, the busier I get like today, the more I like it.

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