Writing buddies

Do you guys ever write letters?

I used to write letters a lot. Especially in my A level time in Headington. Boarding house must have been boring (us boarders used to joke and call our house The HellHole… sometimes we weren’t joking :s), cos I remember writing letters to Juli and Fets a lot. And I looked forward to having replies from them. There used to be a desk at the back of the house, near the back door, where all posts would be. And my heart would jump at the sight of handwritten letter with my name on it. (My heart would sink however on seeing official looking letters, bank statements, phone bills, PAH!)

Then came uni, and my buddy writing includes Naz who was in NZ and Sehr, my friend from Headington. Over the years though… the writing dwindled for some reason or other. (I blame exams and work *evil look to exams and work*)

I made Mumtathil write to me when we first got together. When I said ‘made’, I actually went ‘you’re off tomorrow? Maybe you should write me a letter.’ Years of experience have taught me that if you want something from guys, just spell it out. It saves everyone the hassle (Boy not getting it, Girl gets annoyed and lashes out at Boy, Boy feeling confused and wondering where he did wrong…. No? Am I the only one who went throught that?)
So he (sweet, sweet him) decided to not only write a letter but have a book where we can pen our thoughts. Cute kan? I wonder where that book is now….

So today, I have vowed to write letters again. And you know what, it feels good. Therapeutic even. It’s like writing in a diary – which I’ve also abandoned the last few years! All the random thoughts in my head, or the important thoughts in my head, penned out to those that knows me and understands me.

Anyway, I’ll have to write my next post in the next post, so I can get myself into that frame of mind. Comprende?

Love, me

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