The Art of Wiggling Your Hips

Dear you,

I’m currently in the middle of multi-tasking and failing miserably. Whilst writing here, I’ve decided to have Julie and Julia the movie on as well. Turns out I can’t write and watch the movie at the same time.

Anyway, movie on hold, how are you guys?

Today is yet another off day with M. Which is always nice. I’m settling in very well, thank you, to my married life. It feels nice to go back home to him on a long, hard day. And no more distant phone calls (except for the odd phone calls when I’m on night shifts and there’s nothing to do). And no more feeling upset at saying good bye to him after a nice day out, cos well, we have each other at the end of the day. I’ll be truthful – I’m not good with separations with him 😦 and so, when one of us are on nights (like tonight), it sucks.

I think I’m getting domesticated too *shock …or maybe not much of a shock?*. I seem to always want to cook or bake, experimenting more with my cooking. Although I seem to stick to Asian (by that I mean, Malay/Thai/Chinese) cooking with the odd different variations of pasta. Perhaps my most ‘adventurous’ were this black pepper rosemary lamb chops and Jamie Oliver’s potatoes – that has feta cheese and coriander in it. Nyuummm. That was good.

M and I have vowed not to gain weight much though post marriage. Perhaps getting ‘parut’ would be excusable after age of 35. He’s got his taekwando again, which is good for him. And I’m trying *emphasize on the word trying* to go to the gym. I’ve been slacking though these last few weeks. Must.Go.Again. If only to make myself feel better for actually not wasting my money on gym fees.

The other day though, I went to a gym class called Zumba. It’s basically Latin dance aerobics. Which is fun and a bit of a laugh. Mostly because I have no rhythm. I’ve also learnt that I can wiggle one hip well but not the other. Bizarre. Must work on the other hip. M wanted me to show my Zumba moves but I fear he would end up rolling on the floor laughing 😦 Latin dance is supposed to be seductive!! (The way the trainer wiggles her curves is beyond ridiculous. It cannot be possible to move like that …unless you have lax hips or something)

The amount of shaking (I will let you use your imagination) is fun too. It’s an all girls class, and everyone’s looking at the trainer, so you feel like no one’s looking at you looking horrendously non-seductive. Plus I was at the back row, yay me! I can wiggle however non-rhythmic I want and make up my own moves as I can’t keep up with the trainer!

Ok, that’s it from me,

For now, till I talk to you again,

Love, Me


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2 responses to “The Art of Wiggling Your Hips

  1. Fiz!!
    You’re blogging again. yeay! after u posted on my wall, i decided to visit ur old blog and now i’m here. keep writing, it makes me feel closer to u. and, welcome to wordpress.. i love it better than blogspot.
    miss uuu

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