24th September 2010

We had a voucher to use at transformimages shop in High Cross (we’re such procrastinators, they’re wedding gifts from 4 months ago!). The place transforms your pictures to canvas/glass/bags etc. So finally decided to use it yesterday and …


We also had a small print of our wedding date because we both forgot the day we got married yesterday! I was filling in a form and it asked when I got married…and I was mulling over the date. M went ‘Whatttt, you dont know, whaaattt??’ but he was (trying to discreetly) look for the date in his phone calendar. What a pair we are!

In our defense, it was a 3 day wedding event >_<

Anyway this is the SOAS mosque, taken on (duh) our wedding day by our talented photgraphers from CandidSyndrome.

Love, Fiz

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