The Girl Effect

Watch this.

The Girl Effect

Have been reading a book called Half The Sky. And the video above basically summarises the book. Is this a women’s issue? Getting countries out of poverty, saving people from HIV and reducing women dying from childbirth…. is it not a humanitarian issue really? It’s not just for ‘feminists’ to think about.

And if you feel something after watching it, go to this website too:

Turning Stones into Schools

And in some way or other, make a difference. Even if it’s just talking about it. Creating awareness is always good 🙂

Love, Fiz

Students from Torghu-Balla, Pakistan. Cute huh?

Taken from the Central Asia Institute website. Pic of students from Torghu-Balla, Pakistan. Cute huh?

ps. M is at home with me too. Feels so good to spend time together. We’re both not used to NOT working that we’re questioning whether we’re supposed to be working. Ooppsie, if we’re supposed to! Though now he is saying stuff like ‘he is teaching me to use the computer’ Sheesh. Just because I don’t know how to link! ….. Love you sayang! >_<

pps. I can link now!!!!!

ppps. Greg Mortensen is the founder of Central Asia Institute, building schools for children in Afganistan and Pakistan and helping the graduates of the schools to college/university. If he can help, why can’t we help our brothers and sisters too?

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