For a proper goodbye

For Ginnie

Blog surfing and found this last week. I was in bed, not able to sleep and M was on night shift. Needless to say, the tears were pouring. Finally, someone who understands how I feel and feeling the same thing.

“I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find myself missing those I’ve lost in the silliest moments.” Tyla (that’s the blogger’s name…I know, I’m a fan now)

I find myself at odd moments too suddenly remembering my Nini’s not there and feeling lump in my throat or the tears pouring down without me wanting it too. Even sillier, once I was driving back home from work, and thought of my two grandmas. And for one brief moment, I forgot, forgot that my Nini is gone. Then I remembered and I felt that pang of heartache again and started crying.

I’m ok, really. I’m accepting it. But what really touched me was that she (Tyla) got to say proper goodbye to her friend. We don’t always get that. With my late grandfathers and grandma, I never got that.

So dear loved ones, I’m not always with you but know that I love you. And that my thoughts and prayers are always with you, wishing the sun would constantly shine over you, and when it does rain, any form of shade would protect you.

Love, Fiz

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