And the sun shines today

Bullet points cos I have 5 mins before going to work and (stopped typing there as I realise I have pink ? dye stains on my hand)…. err what was I saying? Oh yes! 5 mins to go to work!

1. In the midst of baking mango cheesecake. Tapi it’s still not baked yet 😦 and I have to go in 5 mins!! Agghh. Talk about poor planning and my continually poor sense of time.

2. The sun is out today, hoorraahh horraah! Wore a cardigan only, wowee.

3. Finding a hotel in malta is proving difficult. Apparently I’m fussy according to M. and when I said ‘I don’t sulk when I dont get things I dont want’, he huffed out a big ‘Whaaaat?’. I don’t, really. Not allll the time anyway.

4. I dropped by the corner shop on the way from hospital. I brought lunch for M as I’m not working till late and the hospital is only 10-15 min away from home. (I dont always do this, really. Only when I’m feeling very nice) Anyway, so feeling like baking and giving the challenge/suggestion to bake mango cheesecake, I dropped by the corner shop on the way home. This is the same corner shop that I pop by 2 1/2 years ago when it was my neighbourhood. My very own kadai runcit with super nice owner. Lo and behold, he still remembers me! He also showed me pics of his daughter’s wedding – he said he remembered telling me back then that his daughter’s getting married (I don’t remember this but layan saja kana liatkan gambar). It was quite cute that he put an envelope of the wedding photos underneath the till. Sounds like what my dad would do – if he had a till.

And he also told me that she’s a indian dancer. He mentioned the name of the dance tapi lupa …. indian version of ballet. Her name is Jaymini Sahai and I’m supposed to google her. Sorry Pakcik, no time now. Will google later!

Ahhh. Late! And cheesecake not baked yet 😦

Love, fiz

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