Winter sun

I have been itching to go on a holiday. M and I haven’t REALLY been on a proper honeymoon. We spent about 48 hours in Seville, Spain. It was amazing but we really need more time for a holiday.

Unfortunately *big sigh* our schedules don’t permit this kind of luxury. So what we could get is 5 days off together *eeks YAY* Now all notions to go to New Zealand or Peru or Hawaii has gone out of the picture. (I have been in denial and kept mentioning places like Hawaii and Hong Kong :S Luckily my husband is more sensible than me)

To get more inspiration on closer options that’s NOT COLD, I went into one of the travel agents place and took a booklet on ‘Winter Sun’. Initially we wanted to go to Cyprus (sun, beach, seafood….beautiful people?) but because the flights didn’t work with our schedule, we’re going to Malta instead!

I never knew where Malta is or even existed until I met my SHO, Pippa, who is the coolest, funniest SHO ever. I had to google Malta after she introduced herself as being Maltese. (I love her, I should call her, it’s been awhile!) We both bonded over the fact that we’re from small countries and the pros and cons of living in a small country where everyone knows everyone. We love living in the sun and there’s this carefree, relaxed (relatively, she’s quite fiesty in her own way) attitude that we both share that possibly is due to where we’ve come from. I remember when she went to Australia to work for a year and when she came back, one of the things she asked was how my grandma was. I’ve told her of how I worry for my grandma, that I think there’s an element of depression there and wished I could do more, could be there more. And she remembered. I really appreciated that.

Anyway anyway anyway…..

Now we have to *cough cough* cut out holiday a little short, because uhmm I have to go to DVIRP training 😦 But hopefully, we’ll still have the best time of our lives just being together and just having some time out from work. Maybe get some proper sleep too.

Love, me

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