Niat and Actions

For some reason, Daily Reminders had me as its friend on facebook. And I quite like the posts on it. Truly inspiring and a good reminder.

One quote that I quite liked was:

“Everything that is loved, if it is not loved for His sake then this love is nothing but distress and punishment. Every action that is not performed for His sake then it is wasted and severed. Every heart that does not reach Him is wretched; veiled from achieving its success and happiness.” – Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

It brings us all to our niat and to remember it when we do our actions. Achieving the five prayers a day is one thing but actually being khusyuk and connecting is another.

Ya Allah, there are so many distractions in this world. Help me in reaching you in my prayers, Amin.

Love, me

ps. Sushi-ing in half an hour!! Excited!! NOT that I’m pregnant – people always jump to this for newly married women – …but my sister in law was doubting whether she can eat sushi or not when she was pregnant and we both came to the conclusion that surely Japanese ladies don’t stop eating sushi/raw fish when they’re pregnant…. or do they? Something to google!! (If you guys know or are free to google, let me know! I’m too lazy)


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