New Yooorrrkkkkkk

Today when driving back from work, Alicia’s ‘State of Mind’ song came on the radio. And it made me think of my time in NYC, one of the best holidays I’ve had. Sharing my cuz’s moment of (actual) living there and having the time of my life with my best friend. The song came out around that time and we heard it a LOT of times. It was our last holiday together as single ladies (well, I didnt know I was gonna get married then. But she was going to anyway…) and with that fact in mind, it made the holiday even more of an epic one.

Going to central Park.

Being in the middle of Times Square.

Watching basketball game in Madison Avenue.

Seeing a policeman drinking coffee and eating donut whilst driving. (!!)

Shopping (ok not so much, cos we were broke)

Standing in front of the White House and plotting how to stalk the Prez.

Getting somewhat lost in Washington, in the heavy rain, whilst hungry and looking for a place to eat.

Watching Chicago.

New York is amazing, full of life and character and never boring. Plus it’s not that scary as I thought nor dirty like a lot of big cities (well, depends where you go).

Aaaah good times.

Has a song ever transported you to another place?

Lots of love, me

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One response to “New Yooorrrkkkkkk

  1. zimah

    aaaahhh! good old times!!!
    i must must must look at all the pics again and be melancholic missing u and the fun fun time we had!


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