Coconut and Kelupis

My new favorite (favourite?) recipe book.

We (by now whenever I say ‘we’, please take it to mean M and me…i know we have become one of THOSE couples…but ahhh c’est la vie!) saw the book masa di consumer fair brunei in early jan. it was at brunei publishing company punya booth (is that their proper name? you know the company that BB and Media Permata is under) Tapi inda dapat bali!! it was for exhibition 😦 apparently we have to go/call brunei publishing if we wanna buy it! How are you gonna promote bruneian books if it’s not easily and widely available????

Anyway I will do some promotion for it then…. We got the book by some fateful chance – is ‘fateful chance’ an oxymoron? – We mentioned it to my mum and rupanya my mum ada! She heard it in the radio and bought the book through my cousin who works at dewan bahasa.

And now, it is sitting either on the kitchen top or dinner table or living room – we have an open plan kitchen/dining/living area. Basically, I’ve been using it a lot of times now. On dishes that I have done before but never quite mastered. And the results? Homecooked yummylicious food that brings me straight to my dining room at home. Think my mum would be proud of me 🙂

Today I decided to masak ikan and udang. Mostly because we’ve been eating chicken, chicken, chicken all the time now (must get beef!). So I made ikan masak asam pedas, courtesy of Brahim packet. Hey a wife needs her shortcuts too you know? To make it look and taste less packet-y, I’ve added curry leaves and fresh tomatoes. It’s quite sour, but it’s ok because…..

I made udang masak rebus too! This is a favourite of mine. I know it’s easy to make but I’ve never tried to make it (successfully). The first and only time I made it before was when my mum instructed me to be in the kitchen and my 16 year old self have to make udang rebus with her instructions. I repeat, she gave instructions and scurried away. Now I never used to cook a lot, in fact before coming to UK, I rarely ventured into the kitchen unless for baking or required to be the assistant/kitchen kuli/potong bawang machine. I cant even remember how I did it but I managed to burn the bawang AND prawns. The result was a delay in dinner and not being asked to go to the kitchen again for a very long time.

The only reason i started cooking here is to survive. Must cook or eat horrible meal forever. Or takeaways. Or ready-made meals. Which if taken on daily basis, is neither appetising or good for you.

Anyway, it has the most basic instructions – you can do meals in three or four easy steps. And it’s in english. And for UK/Non bruneian residents, most of the ingredients are widely available. Not the belacan though. Haven’t found any belacan in Tesco/Asda/Morrisons/chinese supermarket/Asian kadai runcit. That unfortunately needs to be imported.

Eeee. Hungry! Wants to eat now. If  rajin, I’ll post pic of the book here.

Hey wait, here’s the blog link.
Coconut and Kelupis

In short, it’s a must have! along with jamie oliver’s 30 minutes book 🙂 (and THAT needs a post of its own!)

Love, me


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3 responses to “Coconut and Kelupis

  1. nazimah aka amazin

    i want some udang masak rebus too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Siti Radiah

    Dear bibiranbanar,
    I stumbled across this while goggling something. I am glad you have a copy of my first cookery book ‘Coconut and Kelupis’. Your comments are most welcomed. This book is intended for my two girls (genes of Malay Brunei/English) who are very curious about our Brunei Malay cooking, esp how to cook sate, peanut sauce and noodles. With my culinary training and experience in teaching in food studies for many years, I took this opportunity to write a book. The book is also intended for my students who have been asking for Brunei Malay dishes, hence it is written in English.

    I have done a couple of cooking demonstrations at Books For Cooks in Portobello Notting Hill lately. They were very successful.

    Please do not hesitate to send your comments or anything for the better of our understanding of our Brunei Malay cuisine to my email address

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri serta maaf zahir dan batin.

    Salam sejahtera,
    Siti Radiah HM Yusof

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