Meet the Bosses

My future bosses I mean insyallah.

Though prob by the time I get back working in Bru, there’ll be a new boss reigning. But the principle is there. An almost faceless higher authority that has and will be deciding on important decisions of my life.

Sometime mid last year, this faceless authority and MOE had a meeting and decided that yes, you can do your paeds training in UK for the next few years. Prior to that, I was crying and praying and hoping and crying some more for it. I had the job in the bag (thanks LNR) and I was just waiting for their decision. Alhamdulillah, my prayers were answered and ta-da, 6 months into the job and married to M (part of the crying was the uncertainty whether I’ll be staying here or not and therefore, getting married or not).

Verily with hardship comes ease.

I must always have faith, that things will work out somehow.

Enough rambling. I wanted to moan on having to be awake in this hour of the morning (6am…ok,6.47 am) to catch the train to London. When I called for a taxi to come at 7 am and told taxi people my train is at 7.20, the taxi operator went ‘love, we usually recommend to have your taxi 30 mins before departure.’ I felt like saying – Love, can’t you hear my croaky voice? I cannot physically get ready in 3 minutes time! Well unless mandi Bujang lapik style – dip your finger in water, wipe your eyes and TA-DA! (is there some singing/Yodeling involved in this complicated washing regime? Must watch the movie again!)

Sleepy now. Only had 4 hrs of sleep 😦 Padan mua! (cannot findthe words to translate this literally but loosely means ‘serves me right!’)

….. There’s these 4 Asian girls sitting next to me and it sounds like it’s their first train ride. Or at least their first trip to London together. They’re singing and playing their songs loudly. Now this would annoy me usually but there’s a certain naïveté that’s quite endearing. If only they can sing less “pounding” songs…brain hurts.

That’s it from me.

Love Fiz


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2 responses to “Meet the Bosses

  1. nazimah aka amazin

    why do u have to go to meet ur future bosses? poyo ah brunei. hehe


    • lol ada majlis muzakarah with thr menteri and bruneian drs (who’s based in uk and bru). quite good cos u get to catch up with the progress and ask re your career progression/training if u were to return (which we were heavily encouraged to do unsurprisingly).

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