Public speaking

Yay yay, did my presentation. I have this love-hate relationship with public speaking. I loathe it with all my life. I used to get the jitters (sweating/palpitations/kajar2) whenever I have to introduce myself to a new class or club in school. Today I had to present Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of Newborn. Not the easiest of topic, certainly not one you can whip off on a ‘I’m gonna do this last minute just because I can’ basis.

To cut long story short, I had to pee only 10 million times that day – perhaps the morning coffee didnt help- but it went quite well. *Big smiles*

And that’s the thing. I get ultra nervous but really in the end, I get this adrenaline rush and high and felt quite good. (Didnt feel good the last time I presented in departmental teaching… mostly cos I had lil idea of what I was talking about and did it last minute relatively)

Anyway anyway anyway….

Have been you-tubing. And I envy those who can talk in front of others and entertain. Got hooked watching these two.

Funny. Love the way she talks and her matter of fact facial expressions.

And him….well, part of me thinks poyo jua. But another part of me think it’s quite cute and sweet. It brings me to the next topic of which requires a new post of its own: My husband 🙂

Love, me

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