Clucking away

Too lazy to write much. Weather was miserable and wet, so thought I’d bring out pics that makes my heart go all fuzzy and warm. My best friend is having a CHILD in a few months time….!!!The very same girl who I met on my first day in Leicester, on the taxi ride to our induction place/accomodation, and like a sister to me now. Too bad she’s in KL, oh how distance brings us apart!

Other good thing of the day….Saw the O&G SHO running to theatres today. Like actual running, my life depends on this running. She was from the direction of the canteen or the mess. And there I was clucking away inΒ  my heels. (clinic week also means heels, yay!) Felt so happy that I wasn’t the person called to run to theatres. Nothing is more upsetting than putting your feet up and having food into mouth when you’re called away so abruptly.

Anyhoo – gotta go. Getting late and doing presentation tomorrow 😦 I hate public speaking.

Love, Fiz


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2 responses to “Clucking away

  1. nazimah aka amazin

    lawa ah new blog! πŸ™‚

    and i look so tembam and u looked amazin! missing u loads and it was fantastic to see to that day!!! muahs muahs muahs!

    p/s: enjoy the heels whilst u can! (sakit calves now kalau pakai heels and mcm x stable jugak. hu)


    • Hehe thanks! Although i dont remember having that picture above of the person walking away…ahh well! heyyy cant you see my puffed up eyes and eye bags?? You looked amazin hun, glowing in fact πŸ™‚ its true i guess what they say of pregnancy! i will enjoy the heels! its killing me already though Day 5!

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