Hello world!

A new blog. Mostly because I’m bored of the old one.

Have decided to make myself blog more regularly now. Even if it’s just a few sentences a day. I’ve always liked writing. Thought, dreamt, that I would write a book one day. Realise I can’t write fiction really. I just couldn’t get my stories going. But anyway, anyway, I like writing and I should start writing again. Even if my writing mojo’s not there (it hasn’t been there for eons anyway)

Nearly 4 weeks since the new year. 22 days since my nini passed away. Have you had your grandparents passed away before? A friend said that it was a heartbreak when her granny passed away. And you know what… it is. Life goes on but I still the sharp ache whenever I remember her. Only time I guess will heal this and all I could do is pray.

On a lighter note, I’m happier this week as I’m in clinics. Partly happy cos I’m not running around being the ward donkey/clerking people/baby check machine. Even happier as I’ll actually be wearing nice clothes and not grubby scrubs 😀 superficial reason? I don’t care! I do wish that I can wear pretty nice dresses at work, instead of settling something with the following criteria: comfortable and able to run in.

Enough rambling. Daa~

Love, me



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2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Fets

    Pretty clothes everyday – bukan kah itu uniform GP?

    Glad you’re back in the writing world – I keep telling myself I should write too… nanti tah eh.. hehehe

    Miss you Fiz xx

    • Sigh. I know, i guess that’s the one thing i miss of GP land! Hey when you’re dr in army, do you have to wear your uniform all the time?? Is that a bimbo qs?

      I’m glad I’m back too but malas jua banarnya 😛 go back to blogging. i was always entertain with the random things in your head!

      Miss you loads fets

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